BENJAMIN ROBIN is a luxury fashion label focusing on playing with the concept of 'queer masculinity'. South-East London born creative director, Benjamin Ingham, took from his own experiences of intimacy as a queer person and exemplifies the importance of showing such themes in an increasingly politically and ethically conservative society. His debut collection “Don’t Touch Me Unless You Mean It”, focuses on subverting male archetypes through a queer lens while telling the story of a spontaneous hook-up. Through the clothes he creates, Benjamin grapples with his own identity and experiences as a queer person both in his current home of London and the small town he spent the latter part of his childhood and his rebirth upon coming out.

Benjamin founded Curtain Road Collective out of a frustration with the lack of support for in fashion and for artists in general post graduation. He pulled together the strongest talents from his university cohort and decided that if we want to get somewhere and survive in this industry, in this city, we will do it together.